Frequent Questions

How much does it cost to recycle with All in One Recycling?

The monthly cost $14 per month or save by purchasing the service for a year at $150.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Checks.

What is the pick-up schedule?

Your recyclables will be picked up every other week. You will be provided with a service calendar via email upon cart delivery.

How will I get my recycling cart?

After you sign-up, we will deliver your recycling cart to you within a few days and leave the cart on or near your driveway. Please take note of its location, as this will be the location to place your cart for service on your designated pick up day.

Is the recycling cart mine to keep?

No, the cart is provided with the service and All In One maintains ownership of the cart. However, the homeowner is responsible for the cart while utilizing the service. In the event of moving, please call 615-216-4826 to schedule a change in service address or cart removal.

What if I move outside the service area?

If you move outside the service area please contact us by phone 615-216-4826 or email at and we will schedule a time to remove the cart.

What is the policy for damaged recycling carts?

If the recycling cart is damaged as the result of normal wear and tear, (for example, broken lid or wheel), it will be replaced or repaired at no charge to the homeowner. If the recycling cart is damaged due to the result of abuse, a $45 fee will assessed to replace the cart.

What if my recycling cart is stolen?

There are very few thefts of recycling carts. In most cases when a recycling cart is reported stolen it has been accidently brought in from the curb by a neighbor. This is why we suggest that you record your recycling carts serial number. However, if your cart is stolen you will be responsible for replacement of the recycling cart.

What if I have more recyclable materials than will fit in my recycle cart?

You can maximize the space of your recycle cart by flattening cardboard, breaking down box board and nesting smaller items inside larger ones. If not, you may consider holding the excess recyclables until your next collection. Residents needing an additional recycling cart may pay a onetime fee of $45 for a 2nd cart. You may also schedule a onetime extra pickup for $10 by calling the office at 615-216-486 to schedule.

What if my recycling cart becomes dirty? Can I get a new one?

As a recycling company we practice reduce, reuse, recycle. If the cart does become dirty, it can easily be washed with soap or vinegar to remove smells or accidental food placed in the cart.

Do I need to rinse my recyclables?

You do not have to rinse, but please empty/remove all food from containers to avoid a smelly recycling cart.

Can I put leaves and grass in my recycling cart?

No, these items can be placed at the street for city residents or compost.